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Amazing Mom Son Incest story post Text by Lover on 16/Feb/2011 in reply to Incest stories posted by Hot on 16/Feb/2011

I was always a little large when it came to my hips and
thighs. I was not fat, just sort of chubby. I have
large breasts and I keep my pussy closely trimmed. I
had married very young and had a son when I was just
17. Over the years I have grown to love sex and wanted
it all the time. My husband works out of town a lots
and when he does get home, we usually have sex about
once or twice a week, which leaves me craving for more.
I know he probably has a girlfriend along the way
because he seems to have lost interest in our sex life.
I stay horny all the time and masturbate almost every
night, sometimes twice a night.

One day I had my little 12 year old niece stay
overnight with us and she was sleeping in the spare
bedroom next to Jim's, my son. I thought I heard noises
that night after I went to bed and got up to check it
out. As I eased down the hall, I could tell the noise
was coming from Jim's room. Not wanting to interrupt
anything, I eased to his door and saw it was partially
open. As I looked inside, I saw Jim lay there with his
young cousin on top of him, both were naked as I saw
they were fucking each other.

My hand went to my pussy as I could see my son's cock
going in and out of her young pussy. He really had a
nice size cock as I saw her having trouble taking his
rather large cock. She was moaning as he fucked her and
that was where the noise was coming from. As I stood
there masturbating to the sight of the two young ones
fucking, Jim removed his cock from her smooth pussy. He
was even bigger than I thought he was. He had a man
sized cock and it was sticking straight up as the girl
sat back down on it.

I watched them fucking for a few minutes and was
wanting to cum so bad as I watched them, my fingers
stroking my clit as I rubbed my wet pussy to the sight
of his big, young cock pounding her pretty little
pussy. I even thought about going into the room and
"catching" them but decided not to as I worked on my
horny pussy. I finally saw them as he shot his load to
her and I quickly went back to my room and had another
good masturbation session with my own hot pussy.

I made up my mind that I was going to talk to Jim about
his fucking his young cousin. But then decided that he
was having too much fun and I didn't need to be a prude
and spoil his fun.

I was in one of those moods the next day, horny as
hell, still thinking about Jim fucking his young cousin
when I saw the man who cuts our lawn outside without
his shirt on. I still had on my housecoat with nothing
on underneath as I slept nude every night. He had big
muscles and I was getting wet just watching him as he
trimmed the hedges. I had never had a black cock but
had fantasized about it a lots. I was craving a black
cock as I watched the young man working in my yard.
Since my son was at school, I got to thinking, "Why not
get some black cock now? You have wanted it for so long
and now is your chance."

It was hot that day and he had worked up a sweat as I
went to the door and called to him. He heard me calling
him and came to see what I was wanting. I asked him if
he would like to share a sandwich and a glass of ice
tea with me. As I asked him in, I sort of threw my leg
to one side, exposing my inner thigh to him as I
watched his reactions. I saw his gaze as he looked down
at my white thigh, just inches below my now wet pussy.

"Yes ma'am, I could use a glass of cold tea." He smiled
at me as I opened the door, inviting him inside as he
approached the doorway. "It is hot today and I didn't
bring anything to drink."

I led him into the living room and had him sit down as
I went into the kitchen to make him a sandwich. I
brought him a face towel and handed it to him so he
could wipe the sweat off his face as I stood directly
in front of him, letting my housecoat open a bit more.
Then I turned and slowly walked back to the kitchen as
I glanced over my shoulder to see if he was watching my
ass as I gave it a little extra wiggle as I walked away
from him. Yes, he was watching my ass and right then I
knew I had him in my grasp.

I returned with a sandwich and a glass of tea, my pussy
getting wetter as I glanced down at his crotch. I sat
across from him as I handed him the plate, spreading my
thighs as my housecoat rose above my knees, exposing
the upper parts of my thighs to him as he began to
wiggle a little, not knowing if I was teasing him or
whether I had accidentally let my housecoat open. His
eyes was on my thighs as I chatted a bit, asking him if
he was married. I was just making small talk as I saw
the bulge in his pants growing larger. Then I decided
to go for it all as I asked him.

"Do you like my thighs? I think they are a bit too
fat." I asked him as I smiled at him.

"Oh yes ma'am, I think they are beautiful. I always
loved to see a white lady's thighs." He said as I
spread my legs wider now, giving him a good view of my
neatly trimmed pussy.

"I guess you like what you see. It seems as if you are
getting a hard on too." I teased him as I raised my
housecoat, my pussy in plain view. "Am I making you
hard? And is that hard for me?"

"Oh, yes. You have done went and got me hard. I sure
would like to have a little bit of that nice pussy." He
said as I stood up and went over to him. "You sure do
have a beautiful trim. I bet it tastes good too."

"Why don't we go upstairs and you can find out for
yourself?" I said as I took his hand and led him up the
stairs to my bedroom, my ass wiggling all the way up
the stairs in front of him.

I sat down onto my bed and brought him to me, unzipping
his fly as I lowered his pants, exposing his nice, big
black cock to me. I told him I had never been fucked by
a black man but had always wanted to be. Then as I
wrapped my hands around it, I lowered my lips to his
thick, purplish cockhead. I took it and kissed the
head, working my lips along his shaft as it grew even
harder in my hands. He reached down and started to play
with my breasts as I kissed and licked my way over the
entire length of his marvelous cock. I was good and
ready for this black monster as I lay back, spreading
my plump thighs as he got between my legs.

I took his huge black cock and placed the cockhead to
my swollen pussy lips, rubbing it over my slit as the
thick head touched my enlarged clit. I was so wet and
wanted it in me as I guided that beautiful black cock
to my hungry pussy. He was so big and I was feeling
every inch of his cock as it slid past my pouting lips.
He was filling me so full of cock now as he took my
hips into his hands and pulled me tight to him. I had
wrapped my legs around his and was starting to get in
time with his thrusts.

"Oh, yes! You are so big! You have me so full of that
cock." I told him as I was throwing my pussy to his
huge, black cock. "Oh, baby! Pound it to me! I love
that big cock. Fuck me! Fuck me with that big, black

I was shaking so hard as I came, that big cock so deep
in me, filling me with that black meat as I glanced
towards the door. I was cumming so hard at that moment
and then I saw Jim standing there at my door, his cock
in his hand as he was watching me being fucked by this
big, black man. He also saw me at the same time and
left as my body finished trembling from the delicious
climax I had just had. I wanted to jump up and run
after him, but knew there was no chance t the moment as
that big, cock started to fill me with its hot cum.

I would not have cared who was there in the room at
that time as the feeling of his hot cum pumping to my
womb was making me cum again. I was really being fucked
better than I had even been before, I had never had
anything this good in me as my pussy convulsed again as
he finished shooting his cum to me. We quickly finished
and wiped up as I told him he needed to leave before my
son got home from school, him not knowing that my son
had already caught his mother being fucked.

After he went back to work, I found Jim sitting in his
room, looking so sad as I went in and sat down beside
him. I took his chin and looked him in the eyes as I
began to talk to him. I told him I was sorry he saw me
and that I wasn't expecting him home from school so
early. He told me that he had gotten sick at school and
had come home to lay down for a bit.

"But, mom, you were letting a nigger fuck you," he
said. "I saw you fucking a nigger and you were liking
it too. Why, mom? Why are you fucking a nigger?"

I explained to him that I was a highly sexed woman with
sexual desires that his daddy could no longer fill. I
also told him that it was the first time for me to fuck
outside my husband, but that I was glad I did because I
really enjoyed it, even if was a black man. I explained
to him that a woman has needs too and wants to be
pleased as much as a man. Then I told him how I liked
to masturbate and even told him about me watching him
fucking his young cousin.

As I was telling him all this, my housecoat slid open a
little bit as I saw him trying to look at my legs. Then
I placed a hand on his thigh and started to slowly rub
it as I saw the bulge in his pants start to grow.

I was making him hard too as I was telling him all
about me liking that big black cock fucking me and how
horny I stayed all the time. I told him that I needed
sex and my pussy craved having a cock in it and that I
would love a big one in me right now. I sort of leaned
towards him as the top of my housecoat opened, exposing
one of my large breasts to him.

I didn't try to cover it up as I increased the rubbing
on his inner thigh. I took his hand with my other hand
and placed it on my big tit as I squeezed my breasts
with his hand. I could see his large cock outlined
under his pants as I placed my fingers over it, him
bringing his head to my breasts as he started to lick
and suck on my nipples.

"Oh, Son. Yes! Suck on mommy's breasts. My, you have
such a big dick. I bet you have fun playing with it at
night, "I whispered to him as he suckled on my breasts
as my hand felt his huge cock still in his pants. "Do
you like me playing with it? Mommy wants to take it out
and play with it. Would you like that too? Would you
like me to play with this big thing?"

Jim's hand went straight to my pussy as I spread my
thighs so wide for him, me unzipping his fly as I took
that beautiful cock from his pants. I wrapped my
fingers around it and started to stroke it up and down
for him as he found my wet slit with his probing
fingers. His young cock was even larger than I thought
as I began to masturbate his lovely young cock.

"Lay back on the bed and mommy will make it feel good
for you." I whispered to him as he lay back, my hand
still wrapped around that nice, hard cock. "Mommy wants
to kiss it for you. Have you ever had it kissed or
sucked before?"

Jim shook his head no as I let him play with my wet
pussy. I was wanting to suck that lovely young cock as
I took it and lowered my lips to the big cockhead. He
was as almost as big as the black cock I had just
fucked. I began to kiss on it and run my tongue over
the shaft, taking my time to enjoy the taste and feel
of his hot, silky cock as I made love to it with my
lips. Then I slowly started to suck on the head as I
pumped it up and down, his cock filling my mouth as I
sucked on it.

I had him in my mouth as I took him deeper, his big
cockhead touching the back of my throat as I slowly
sucked on it as my head bobbed up and down on his young
cock. I loved sucking cock and I was loving this as he
worked his fingers into my wet pussy, rubbing my clit
as if he had done this many times before. He held the
back of my head with his other hand as he started to
fuck my mouth with that tasty cock. I was trying to
deep-throat his big dick as I sucked on it a little
faster, wanting him to cum in my mouth as I worked on
that beautiful cock of his. I was giving him such a
good cock sucking as I took his balls into my hand,
trying to make him cum for me.

I was taking in and holding it in my hand as I drew it
out a little and took my tongue and would lick the slit
in his cockhead before going back down on his hot,
young cock. I needed him to cum, to squirt his tasty
young cum to me as I could feel his lovely cock going
into my throat as he fucked my mouth with that big

"Oh, Mom! I am going to cum!" he shouted out as he
began to shove his hard, young cock to me faster. "You
are making me cum! Do you want me to pull it out?"

I was shaking my head no as I felt his cock start to
swell, the big head so silky and smooth as I sucked on
it greedily as I felt that young cock start to throb. I
was sucking on it as I felt him start to cum, his cock
beginning to erupt now as he pumped that dick to me.

His hot, young cum was so good as I tasted that salty
cock cum as he began to flood my mouth as I took all of
his cock and began to swallow his love juices. There I
was, my son making my pussy cum as I was sucking on his
big cock, giving him his first real blow job and I was
loving it as he emptied his hot cum to his mommy's cum
hungry mouth, my own climax flooding my body as I too
was cumming.

After he gave me his delicious young cum, I licked his
beautiful cock clean as he lay back, totally exhausted
from the blow job I had just given him. His young cock
had gone sort of limp now as it lay against his stomach
with my hand cupping it, my other hand rubbing my still
hungry pussy.

I liked that, baby. You have such a nice dick and mommy
really loves it." I said as I continued to rub my wet
slit. "I sure do want you to put it in me. Let's go to
my room so we can really have a good time. Now, lets
get those pants off of you."

Removing his pants and underwear, I took his hand and
pulled him up off of the bed as I led him to my bedroom
which had a king sized bed in it. I also kept my toys
or play things in my night stand by my bed so they
would be accessible. I smiled at him, knowing that
today I would be teaching him a lot more about sex as I
saw his cock stirring once again.

He was lying on his back as I kissed his hard cock
again, getting it ready for my wet cunt. I climbed over
him as I got onto my knees, spreading my plump thighs
as I positioned myself above that beautiful cock. I
looked down and took one hand as I spread my neatly
trimmed pussy lips apart, taking my other hand and
guiding to towards my waiting pussy.

I eased myself downwards as I guided his hard, young
cock to my wet slit. I saw the big cockhead as it
slipped into me, it taking my breath away as I slowly
took his incestuous cock. He was larger than his dad
and I knew he was going to be so good as I began to
work my tight pussy over his stiff young cock. Just the
sight of his big dick slipping past my plump pussy lips
was so hot as I felt it going in.

"OH, BABY! You are so big!" I told him as he took my
wide hips and started to hold me to his cock. "Oh, that
feels so good to me. You are filling me so full. I love
it so much! Oh, Baby!"

I began to work my hips, rotating them as I pressed
myself downwards, impaling my horny pussy of his fat,
young cock. I could feel it as it spread my tight pussy
walls wider as it plunged deeper into my hot cunt. The
feel of him in me was like nothing I had even felt
before. I was squeezing his large cock with my muscles
as I worked on that invader. I was so full of cock as I
felt the big cockhead bumping my womb as he began to
thrust upwards, slamming me full of that nice, young

I leaned forward so he could suck on and play with my
large tits as he took them into his hands, bringing his
mouth to my large nipples as he started to suck on
them, my pussy on fire as he filled me with that cock.
I then began to slam down onto it as I would rise up
letting it slip out a little and then plunge myself
back down onto his huge, young cock. I was doing most
of the fucking as my body started to tremble, my climax
fast approaching as I slammed my pussy to him. My baby
boy was making me cum as his lovely young cock filled
his mother's hot pussy.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! I'm cumming, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me
harder!" I shouted as my climax swept over my body, my
cum began to flow as I felt his big cock touching my
womb. "Fuck me! Fuck Mommy's pussy, baby! I want you to
cum in me! Shoot your cum to mommy! Oh! Oh! Oh, yes!"

I was cumming so hard as he fucked me harder, slamming
our bodies together as my climax continued, on and on
as we fucked. I was cumming a second time as I felt his
big cock start to swell in me, throbbing as the thick
cockhead bumped so deep in me.

He was ready to fill me with his cum as he shoved it so
deep and held it to me as I felt that hot, young cum
start to erupt, filling me with his hot juices. There I
was, impaled on my son's big cock, cumming like a slut
as I fucked it. What a slut I was, fucking my son but I
was loving it! I was loving our incestuous fucking as
he shot his hot, young cum to my convulsing pussy.

"That's it! Shoot me full baby. Fill mommy's pussy with
that hot cum!" I screamed as the last of his cum filled
my well fucked pussy. "Oh, baby! Your cum is so hot in
me! You are making me cum again! Fuck me! Fuck mommy's
hot pussy!"

My son had just given me a good fucking and both he and
I loved it. I knew from that moment on, that he would
be in my bed at night when his father was gone. He was
just what I needed, even if he was my son. I had
finally found someone to fuck me and make my horny
little pussy cum just the way I needed it to.

Of course, the yard man still cuts my lawn and I find
time to get more of his big, black cock also. I have
been thinking about a three way with him and my son. He
seems to come around more often and my grass is the
best kept lawn in our neighborhood. For some reason, he
doesn't seem to charge me as much, lately, but that is
yet another story.

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